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Unequal Partners

Would you like to go on a bicycle tour vacation with a friend, but are not sure how it would work, because one of you is a stronger rider than the other? We offer three suggestions:

Ride Separately

During part of the day, split up, and each of you ride with other people in a group of your own ability. A major part of the enjoyment of a bicycle tour is meeting and riding with new friends. The wide range of cycling abilities on our tours maximizes your opportunity to find comfortable riding companions.


Use a bicycle-built-for-two! Although we do not rent tandems, we can refer you to a bicycle shop near the start of your tour that can rent one to you. The custom-built bike racks on our vans will accommodate tandems.

Van Assist (A Little Boost)

One or both of you could ride part of the way each day in the van: cycle in the morning to the lunch spot, then ride in the van to arrive at the next night's lodging about mid-afternoon. This will cut each day's cycling in half, plus allow you plenty of time to enjoy the other attractions in the area. Many guests also use the van to get past the more challenging sections so they can enjoy the less strenuous portions with the rest of the group.