I reflect on lots of things in my life, but wonder why I think about some things and not others?  I was riding into work yesterday and remembered why I linked my work with my passion.

We are taught at a young age to follow our dreams, so we go through life dreaming and following, but at some point, for all to many of us, we get a job, and maybe it is not part of our dreams, but you’ve got to pay the bills!  Nothing wrong with that, but sometimes you get lucky and actually hit on your dream job that incorporates that burning passion in your life.  I got the chance to meld my passion for cycling with the work of Bicycle Adventures.  Sounds fun, right? It is, but I found that even when you’re doing what you love, work finds a way to squeeze the fun out of your passion (if you let it), and I let that happen to a certain degree lately.  The good thing is, Passion can not be held down and can come back like a freight train in the middle of the night.  That train hit me yesterday!

I remembered why I wanted to get into this business in the first place. Riding on this trail up to our offices is a beautiful experience, and that is what Bicycle Adventures is all about.  Beautiful experiences, memories for a lifetime, the stuff dreams are made of, you get the picture.  For me, the exilleration of seeing our guests faces filled with joy at the end of a trip, keeps the passion burning!  Get out there, remember to hold onto your passion and apply that feeling to everything that you do!  Passion is the driver for your work. Don’t let it flop the other way. Just Remember Why you are the way that you are.  By all means, stop dreaming when you ride, pay attention, jeez you could get hurt on a bike during a day dream.  May is national “Bike to Work” month.  Take the time to start you day off right with a ride into work. It can make a big difference in your attitude and your health.  Keep the Rubber side down my friends!