We love to ride bikes, that's the first thing you should know about us. It's the reason we started leading tours in 1984 - yes that's right 38 years ago. And it's still the reason we lead unforgettable bicycle tours today. We love it. A day on a bike is better than most days. And a cycling vacation? Why would you do anything less?

Together we’ll pedal down some of the most beautiful touring roads anywhere. A banyan-lined road on the Big Island, a switchback on the famous Going-To-The-Sun Road, a quaint San Juan Island byway, a descent out of the Cascades, a winding two-lane in canyon country, a high coastal bluff along Highway 1, a picturesque S-curve in wine country. From Montana to Hawaii, California to New Zealand, we think we host the best bicycle tours around.

But at Bicycle Adventures, we offer a lot more than simply a chance to ride your bike down a beautiful road. We like smiles and sun. We like the smell of the ocean, the feel of sand at our feet, the sound of a ferry’s horn, the cool breeze off a glacier. We like watching a sunset and seeing a moose and admiring a cactus in full bloom. We especially like to eat well and sleep comfortably. That’s part of our core and soul and promise. And being from Seattle, we have a natural curiosity about the places we travel, as well as a fondness for good coffee and nice wine.

Most of all, we like taking care of our guests. It starts with planning an awesome trip with the help of expert local guides. It means making certain every detail is double-checked. But talk to us on the phone or join us on a tour, and you’ll find every one of us is ready to pedal the extra distance to make sure you’re taken care of. If you’ve bicycled with us before–thank you!–you know what I’m talking about, and we’d love to see you again. If you’re considering your first Bicycle Adventures tour, we’d love to have you along. It’s a good ride.

Pedal Happy!