Celebrating 40 Years!

Guided, Small Group Bike Tours Since 1984

Why Bicycle Adventures

We invite you to join our family. After 40 years of guiding extraordinary bicycle vacations, we have learned that bigger is not better. How do we know that? Easy… Our guests and guides tell us so. It’s the little things that small tours do that just aren’t possible with large group tours. Whether it’s getting to know everyone through shared conversation at dinner, choosing your dinner off the menu, staying in boutique accommodations or having your favorite post-ride refreshment waiting for you at the end of the day. But the best part is having guides that actually get to know you so that each trip feels like your own personalized vacation.

Bikers on the Palm Springs Joshua tour
Two bicyclist on the Glacier Banff Jasper tour
TD Five Boro bike tour
Enthusiastic, knowledgeable guides, healthy lunches, fine dining, copious brew pubs, good wine lists, spectacular scenery and nearly ubiquitous van support!

Robert W.

Bend Breakaway
A great way to experience a unique part of our world by leaving much of the planning and execution to a group of knowledgable, experienced, and helpful guides.

Phil D.

Mexico’s Yucatan Classic Plus
Great trip! Beautiful scenery, guides are very supportive and accommodating to the various levels of riders. Everyone is encouraged to ride to their comfort level.

Nancy G.

New Zealand Bike Tour
It was a great introductory cycling trip for a family of 5 with ages ranging from 7 to 40+. All the kids made friends and loved being together.

Laura J.

Mt. Rushmore Family Tour
It is an amazing way to explore a new place, the routes take to you to best spots, on the best roads, the guides are always there to make sure you are doing OK.

Marie G.

Trail of the Coeur D’Alenes Bike Tour

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