Loyalty Program
(Adventure Rewards)

What is Adventure Rewards

Adventure Rewards is Bicycle Adventures’ loyalty program for guests who have traveled with us in the past. Rewards are applicable to new reservations for tours beginning after September 1, 2013. The more tours you’ve done, the more Adventure Rewards you get! We’re proud to say it’s the very best in the business.

Features are highlighted below. Rewards are not transferable and may not be used by anyone other than the recipient. AR credits may not be used as the initial down payment on a tour.

To register, click here – or call us at 800.443.6060. Adventure awaits!


B.Y.O.F (‘Bring Your Own Friend’): This is hands-down the best referral program in the business – and it’s incredibly simple: If you’re an Adventure Rewards member, bring someone on your tour who has never traveled with Bicycle Adventures before, and receive $1000 off your own trip fee.**

**Your friend must pay full price (although you’re welcome to split the discount.) Limit one BYOF discount per returning guest, per trip. No other discounts or promotions may apply.

New for 2019: R.Y.O.F (‘Refer Your Own Friend’): When returning Bicycle Adventures guests refer someone to a Bicycle Adventures tour, you earn a $200 credit! The credit toward a Bicycle Adventures tour is earned when a referral completes a Bicycle Adventures tour.

The first Adventure Rewards Member to officially register a referral is the only party eligible for the credit. Referral credit does not expire. Referral credit may only be applied to a future trip with a balance due. Not redeemable for cash.

Frequent Traveler Discounts

We love to see you come back for more. As an Adventure Rewards member, Mile Marker Tours* mean you’ll get these great rewards:

  • $500 off your 6th tour
  • $1,000 off your 12th tour
  • $1,500 off your 18th tour
  • $2,000 off your 24th tour
  • $2,500 off your 30th tour
  • $3,000 off your 36th tour

*Fine print: tour total is the total number of tours taken by you, not tours for others for which you paid. Mile Marker tours do not count toward your paid trip total; rewards may not be given away or used as the down payment on a tour. No other discounts/promotions may be combined with Mile Marker discounts.

Exclusive Deals

Once-a-month email newsletters to Adventure Rewards members highlight an upcoming tour with a substantial members-only discount.

Sneak Peeks

We’ll send advance notice of new tours and destinations prior to announcing each year’s tour calendar. You can sign up before they sell out.

On-Tour Recognition

We hope we treat you like you’re special all the time, but now you’ll have a little extra appreciation gift to go along with it.

Re-Cycle Tour Discount

‘Re-cycling’ has its ‘re-wards’! Did you love one of your past Bicycle Adventures tours so much that you wish you could do it again? We’ll be happy to ‘re-ward’ you for ‘re-cycling’ any tour! Just let us know you’re doing a re-ride when you re-sign up, and we’ll take a hefty 10% off your tour price…just for re-turning.

May not be combined with other discounts.

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