Frequently Asked Questions


How long has Bicycle Adventures been in business?

Since 1984. The company was founded by Bob Clark in order to share his passion for cycling and travel. Todd Starnes and Brad Barnard, who have owned the company since 2008, join 6 – 10 trips each year to monitor quality and scout new adventures.

Are bikes included in the tour price?

Yes! You have a choice of road bike (downturned handlebars) or hybrid bike (straight handlebars) for your upcoming trip. E-bikes are available on all domestic and most international tours for a $200 upgrade fee. We choose the initial frame size by asking for your height and an inseam measurement that reaches all the way to the floor, then do the final fitting adjustments when we meet you for the trip start.

Is airfare included in the tour price?

Airfare is not included. You are responsible for your flights to and from the tour destination.

What if I want to bring my own bike?

You’re welcome to bring your personal bicycle on any tour (there’s no discount on the tour price for doing so.) For shipping your bike to the pre-trip hotel, we recommend either or

Could I rent an e-bike?

If you want to go faster, you can absolutely rent an e-bike.

What is the weather going to be like?

When we put our schedule together, the weather gets considerable attention. Tours are scheduled to depart at a time of year that will capitalize on cycling in good weather conditions.

For instance, Washington State gets most of its rainfall between October and May, so we schedule these trips from June – August. Conversely, Bryce & Zion (Utah) are often uncomfortably hot July through August, so we offer these tours in early spring and fall.

How hilly is the terrain?

Some folks want tours with plenty of elevation gain. We guide them towards the Epic series and the Classic Plus tour series. For a lot of us, though, hills can be a concern. Looking at a particular tour and want to know more? Just call us at 800.443.6060 – we’re happy to let you know what to expect.

What will the group be like?

Like you, your fellow travelers will have a spirit for adventure and a willingness to meet others. Groups bond very fast, and you’ll leave your tour having made several new friends. Often people who meet on a tour return together for another great adventure.

Typically our groups are comprised of 60% couples / 40% solo guests; 49% percent males and 51% females. And we offer special tours designed solely for families.

Are you able to accommodate different dietary needs?

Yes! Bicycle Adventures is happy to work with you to meet any dietary needs you may have (vegan, vegetarian, Kosher, food allergies, etc.) Just contact us so we can set up the details properly. We’ll be happy to make sure you are well fed during your trip.

What if my partner doesn't ride?

Of course you want to share these incredible destinations with your non-cycling partner. There are always options for other activities. Depending on the tour location, they vary: hiking, a spa visit, wine tasting or simply boosting ahead to that terrific beach might be alternatives. Just ask us when you call; we’ll be happy to fill you in on the details.

Does Bicycle Adventures offer a Military Discount?

Yes! If you are active duty or retired military (including the National Guard), just let us know. We’ll take 5% off your trip fee.

Does Bicycle Adventures offer a Kid's Discount?

Children 6 years and under and 7-11 are welcome to join us on our family tours. Children 6 and under receive a 30% discount and ages 7-11 a 20% discount. For ages 12-17, we have limited spots available on many of our tours at a 10% discount. Please give us a call to discuss.

Does Bicycle Adventures work with travel agents?

Yes, Bicycle Adventures’ trips are commissionable. Please call or email us for details (800.443.6060;

B.Y.O.F. (Referrals)

If you’re an Adventure Rewards member, bring someone on your tour who has never traveled with Bicycle Adventures before, and receive $1000 off your own trip fee.**

**Your friend must pay full price (although you’re welcome to split the discount.) Limit one BYOF discount per returning guest, per trip. No other discounts or promotions may apply.

Is Bicycle Adventures currently hiring?

Bicycle Adventures typically begins the hiring/screening process for new guides at about the first of the year. To read more about our process for hiring and training, click here. Interested in applying? Send a resume and cover letter to Camille Meyer-Arendt (