At a race in Spokane, WA this last weekend, I was offered a free cup of coffee from one of the vendors.  And it was good.  And it has a good story attached.

Roast House Coffee was giving samples of their Ride The Edge blend.  The coffee named after a mountain bike race series in the Spokane, WA area.  Here is what Deborah Di Bernardo (Roast House owner) has to say about the coffee.

“Coming from the cycling community, the very first thing we wanted to do was to create a coffee specifically to feature at our Bike to Work breakfast, Spokefest, Summer Parkways and other community events.  Several friends worked closely with David Moffitt in setting up (bushwhacking) courses, drinking themselves silly and then riding the races.  The races were called RIDE THE EDGE.

Dave was killed in the last race – but lives on in almost any cycling/drinking discussion.  So we had to use the original race name as our blend name.  We had a bunch of obnoxious cyclist help us ‘find’ the perfect combo of coffees to create a blend they felt was just perfect.

Its a killer sweet coffee with heavy Sidamo use, a little bit of Mexican and a titch of Sumat.  All the beans are fairtrade and organic.”

Meeting Deborah and her coffee was a real treat.  Maybe the next time she is passing Bicycle Adventures HQ she will join us for a ride.