Maybe I am just debating semantics. 

But at the beginning of the year I rarely – if ever – set a new year’s resolution. That said, I do take the opportunity to become resolute. The dictionary defines ‘resolute’ as “firmness of purpose.” By contrast, ‘resolutions’ tend to be all-or-nothing goals. They are also focused on the end result rather than the overall process. I think being ‘resolute’ focuses an athlete’s attention on the process and the purpose.


I personally love the process of getting fit or training for an event. But I have a life too. As a Sports Scientist, I design training programs with the realization that life does happen. So, rather than creating a program that leads to disappointment when “resolution” is broken, I build in time for life: family, travel, work, an occasional cold  – and most importantly, I design the plan so an athlete gets just as much credit for taking a designated rest day as he/she does for a day out on the bike.


This year my goal is to run 730 miles and ride 3,000 miles. I know that I can’t wait and do all that in the month of December, so I’d better start now and put a few miles in the bank. I also know that putting in a couple of long days gets me well ahead of schedule for those times when life gets in the way. Running 730 miles means running 2 miles per day (14 per week). Putting in 3000 miles of cycling means riding 8 miles per day (56 miles per week). I give myself credit for indoor cycling classes too: 30 minutes of good spinning = 10 of those 56 miles.  


That doesn’t sound so unattainable.  If I just keep it steady and consistent all year I will hit my goal and maintain good fitness. And I’ll have a nice base should I decide to train for my favorite run or ride during the year.

Come join me for a trip this year. I’ll be doing a couple of South Dakota tours – the family trip and the classic plus – one of the Palm Desert tours, and of course the Taiwan Bike Tour. There will probably be some others as well. If you’re wondering where I’ll be, call the office at 800.443.6060. They can always track me down. 


 – Todd


Todd Starnes, Owner & President

Bicycle Adventures

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