I spent the last few days checking in on the last few details for our new Mt. Rushmore tour.  It is going to be fantastic.  Just prior to my trip to South Dakota I received an email from one of our guests that happens to live in Rapid City – Beckie Belsaas.  She invited me to join her and a group of friends on a ride through the Badlands.  What a special treat!  This group has been doing an annual ride through Badlands for over 30 years.  What a special group, after about 1o seconds, I felt like I was part their group as if I had been on the ride every year for 30 years.  One the riders actually did her first ride with the group 30 years ago at age one being towed by her father – who was also on this years ride.

Great company, great stories, an amazing ride and all the insights and special places and things to do in this wonderful and unique part of the country.  And as expected, having grown up in South Dakota myself, there were not too many degrees of separation before we realized that we all had some mutual friends.


Thank you Beckie for inviting me on your ride.  An amazing and special group of people.