Bicycle Adventures Guide Fund

Dear Bicycle Adventures Friends and Family,

I have come up with a way for you to help. I know this is impacting all of us, so if you have the ability, please find it in your heart to do what you can.  The amount you donate will be kept confidential and anonymous, or we can add your name to a list of donors. I have set up a separate account specifically for the guides, and I will be gifting to the guides based on need.  Some of the guides are fortunate to have spouses that can support their family. Others are retired or are school teachers with second income. But most of our guides call guiding their profession with service and hospitality as their second option for income, which is not available to them now.  

I am asking for your help.  As  you know, the Coronavirus is having a debilitating impact on all businesses—especially the travel and hospitality industry. All of our tour guides are seasonal, part-time employees, which means they are not eligible for unemployment benefits. And unlike the employees working for NBA stadiums, they don’t have the luxury of a billion dollar owner. They are relying on me.

I have a come up with a creative solution. 

We are having an online Garage Sale, selling our old fleet of bikes, parts, and supplies we no longer need.

We are asking you to buy something from our garage sale, which we will then donate, in your name, to one of two nonprofits and provide you a receipt:

Bikes for Africa

Major Taylor Project

Donate any amount – This is preferred as it leaves more items for us to sell to others.

Purchase a Bicycle Adventures Jersey:  $100.00 (we will ship to you once all orders are placed)  $50.00 will pay for the jersey and shipping $50 will go to the guide fund

Purchase a Bicycle Adventures T-Shirt: $30.00 (we will ship to you once all orders are placed) $15.00 will pay for the t-shirt and shipping $15.00 will go the guide fund

Orbea Road Bike – $300

Orbea Hybrid Bike – $300

Front Handlebar Bag: $50.00

Seat-Post Trunk Rack – $30

Helmets: $20.00

Bike Frame Pumps:  $15.00

Seat Bag – $10.00

3 tubes for $10.00

Bike Lights: $5.00